It was always going to be a tough first week on Masterchef when Gordon Ramsay turned up.

On Tuesday nights episode, however, the heat as really turned up as contestant Chris took on a barrage of feedback from the chef, over his pork belly.

In the episode, the 24 contestants were split into two teams, blue and green, and tasked with cooking three courses for 120 people.

The Blue teams’ main course was pork belly with cauliflower and potato puree that caused all the issues.

Ramsay got angry when Chris started to cut the pork too early before service, to which Ramsey asked “Why in the f**k is he slicing the pork when it goes dry in a heartbeat?’ Before screaming ‘stop slicing the pork.’


He continued, by saying “When it steams like that what happens? It goes dry. Slice it as we need it. It’s pork belly, not a f**king pork scratchy.

“It’s not a banquet it’s a restaurant. F**k me.”

When the food was actually delivered, the judges, Melissa, Jock & Andy, loved the dish.

“I think the pork is really yummy, it’s cooked well, we got crispy crackling so that’s a big thumbs up,” Andy said, with the other judges agreeing.

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