Four people are facing potentially fatal fish poisoning after eating tuna imported from Thailand and sold at Sydney cafe, Soul Origin. 

The customers of Soul Origin takeaway near Town Hall station are suffering symptoms of Scombroid poisoning after ordering a tuna salad, health authorities say.

Since the incident the cafe has confirmed changing brands of tuna from the one in question to a new one to avoid any further spread of the illness. 

Experts say the poisoning arises from poor temperature control or other mishandling, most likely in Thailand. The cafe insists meeting the highest hygiene standards.

Scombroid symptoms include skin rashes, dizziness, tingling in the mouth and nausea, all of which the customers are reported to have had. If the illness is misdiagnosed it can be fatal. 


Health authorities are now scrambling to find the source of the contaminated tuna to determine if there are more poisoned products in Australia.

“The Public Health Unit has notified the NSW Food Authority, which is carrying out further investigations,” South Eastern Sydney Public Health Unit director Professor Mark Ferson said yesterday, reports The Daily Telegraph.

This incident comes quickly after the spread of Hepatitis A from frozen berries. Raising questions about how much control the Australian government has over imported food, when a lot of processes are done overseas. 

The government is now considering introducing pie chart labeling on products so consumers can see clearly and easily where their food is coming from. 

Source: The Daily Telegraph 

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