A road rules quiz posted by NSW Road Safety on their Facebook page has left drivers confused and arguing over who exactly has right of way at an intersection with two cars, a cyclist and a pedestrian.

New South Wales Road Safety posed the question: ‘In the intersection below, in what order from A to D is each person permitted to go?’

The intersection has two cars on opposite sides indicating to the same lane and direction where a cyclist is heading, while a pedestrian is waiting to cross at the same corner.

Each of them are labelled A, B, C and D.

Can YOU work it out???


After much debate, NSW Road Safety revealed the answer.

The correct answer in sequence is B, D, C and A.

‘Bicycle B is going straight through the intersection (without a stop sign or give way sign applying to them) so isn’t required to give way to any vehicle or pedestrian,’

‘When crossing at an intersection, Pedestrian D must give way to oncoming vehicles going straight ahead. Car C is turning after stopping at a stop sign so must give way to any pedestrian crossing the road it’s turning into (Pedestrian D) and all vehicles in, entering or approaching the intersection (Bicycle B), except drivers turning right (Car A).

‘Car A is turning after stopping at a stop sign so must give way to vehicles in, entering or approaching the intersection.’ 

Did you get it right???

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