Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has teased his cameo on The Goldbergs.

The episode, titled Preventa Mode, follows Barry Goldberg as he takes his college professor on a Valentine’s Day date.

After the relationship sours, however, he visits her department head – Professor Lee (wink wink) – to make sure he’s allowed to date a teacher.

Goldberg sits at the Professor Lee’s desk and says: “There’s this awesome rock song about inappropriate love I’m trying to base my life on.”

Lee, sporting a bow tie, blazer and glasses, shoots back: “You mean that deafening noise made by morally questionable gentlemen?”

He recently told Blabbermouth that he loved “doing this type of thing” and had a blast playing dress-up for the day.

“And I gotta say, damn … those professor shoes were so comfortable!” he remarked.



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Professor Lee on @thegoldbergsabc next Wednesday! 🤓

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It’s unclear when (or if) the episode will air in Australia.

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