In October, Brenna Clanton had planned ahead and splurged on her fiancé’s Christmas present.

Not only had she booked an Airbnb, she had snagged two super-close-to-the-front seats to see their favourite team, the Dallas Cowboys, play on Boxing Day.

A week after buying the tickets, she received a text at work.

Four months after asking her to marry him, Brenna’s fiancé was breaking up with her

Yep, text message.

One of the reasons was that he thought the two had “nothing in common”.

So, when the time came to decide if she would sell her tickets or still go to the game, the choice was easy.


“I was absolutely going to go,” she said.

“I was just going to take my best friend instead.”

Having been a cheerleader in high school, Brenna knew how to make a sign that would stick out.

“My fiancé dumped me in a text message. He should have waited until after Chisemas” the sign read.

“This was my little get-back to him,” she said.  


Dallas News

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