A young woman has been left devastated after she discovered what she thought had been a shaving rash, was actually cancer.

Rhiannon Douglas, 21, said she noticed the red rash on her leg but assumed it was down to shaving.

However, the rash began to spread quickly and she was rushed to hospital with back pain. Tests came back and proved positive for a 8.5cm mass growing in her chest.

Her worst first were confirmed when doctors confirmed she had nodular sclerosis lymphoma – a rare type of Hodgkin lymphoma that develops in the lymphatic system.

Doctors told Rhiannon that her rash was a very rare symptom of her cancer and if it had not come, her cancer would not have been diagnosed in time.


Since her diagnoses in November, Rhiannon’s tumour has begun to shrink and she now has scans once a month.

Rhiannon, a receptionist from Staffordshire in the UK, told The Mirror: “I couldn’t believe that the rash on my legs was a rare sign of cancer, I had never heard or seen of this before so I was completely shocked when I found out.

“At first I just thought the rash was caused by shaving, it made sense as it was my cousin’s wedding a few days before and because I was wearing a dress I had shaved my legs..

She has warned people that if they have a similar rash, they should get it checked out.

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