A woman who craves popcorn and gets “intense rib pain” every time a natural disaster is about to hit Australia claims to have correctly predicted 40 years worth of global earthquakes. 

Charlotte King, a 70-year-old from the US, has explained to news.com.au that the stabbing pains in her ears, the crushing sensations up her back and the jabbing she feels in her ribs are location-oriented indicators that a natural diaster is imminent.

And, she says, she gets it right every time. 

“There are literally thousands of quakes I have predicted in the 30-plus years of doing this,” the Oregon woman claims. “The major eruption of Pinatuno in the Philippines, I was seven minutes off. 

“I had been on the phone with [a] volcanologist less than an hour before the major eruption.

“I predicted the Indonesia major quake in December 24, 2004 and the Bio Bio Chile quake on February 27, 2010 and the major quake in Japan March 11, 2011.

According to King, it all starts with a noise – what she calls a “general area precursor” – before more physical symptoms set in.


“[I hear a] sound… long tones, dual tones, short tones, and waved tones, some that sound like a horn honking but deeper in tone.

“Pain in ears, this is usually Italy, Sicily, Greece and Crete,” she continues. “Upper back as I have repeatedly said is for Japan.

“The symptoms for Australia and Oceania at large are left rib pains, they can go from just under the left armpit to just before the left side waistline.

“They can wrap around the chest and cause lots of pain.”

King is one of thousands of people who claim to be “earthquake sensitive”, a term coined by late geologist Jim Berkland to describe those who have “dreams or vision, psychic impressions, or physiological symptoms” as an indication that a natural disaster is imminent. 

And she certainly doesn’t keep her predictions to herself; the self-professed doyenne sends a weekly newsletter to her website subscribers, and isn’t shy about contacting journalists and experts around the world when her body says so.


“I have had CAT scans, and ECGs and have had to be sedated due to the pain on several occasions, but the final outcome is that there was nothing wrong with me physically,” King explains.

“I also went through a test to be sure I was mentally sound, they also came back OK.

“I believe it’s a gift, but sometimes it’s very painful.

“But if it will help one person be more prepared for a quake, then it’s worth it.”