In ‘I thought this already existed’ news, The Bachelor is now (finally) getting the official fantasy league treatment. 

There’s a stack of unofficial leagues and play-along games but now, it’s being backed by sports broadcasting behemoth ESPN.

Players can now sign up for free and form leagues with people they know or randoms found through the #BachelorNation hashtag.

Of course, the game is to predict the top four women who make it to hometown visits but there’s also weekly contests that ask players to make predictions in week-to-week episodes. Players will earn points for correct predictions.

I know what you’re thinking: hang on, in Australia we only have three hometown visits.

Exactly. This league is for the US version of The Bachelor. But despite not being eligible for any prizes, Australians can still participate, you know, FTW.

But to be honest, we reckon it won’t be long before Australian fantasy leagues start sniffing around our own version of The Bachie.



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