A Melbourne mum has opened up about the things she wasn’t told before giving birth.

Tina Pik, who writes a blog called Hangry By Nature, has revealed that she was left shocked by her ‘gargantuan target-like nipples’ and has even gone into depth abut what an episiotomy is.

She says a perk of being pregnant is the ‘glow’, her radiant skin and thick, luscious hair but that didn’t last long.

‘You will hardly lose any hair for nine months because, well, hormones,’ she wrote in her blog post.

‘Now imagine nine months worth of hair deciding to all fall out at once.

‘If I were to collect all the hair that has dropped on the floor after a shower, I could make myself a pimp a** fur coat.’


And she wasn’t exactly happy when she found out what an ‘episiotomy’ when a doctor made a small incision made between the vagina and the anus during childbirth

‘Just to clarify, did you just say you’re gonna tear me a new one?’ she wrote.

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‘Seriously, I think doctors just use fancy medical terms to sugarcoat the fact that they’re about to butcher your body.’ 

The funniest part of the blog is when Ms Pik compared her breasts to Mount Vesuvius when she was coming to the end of her pregnancy saying it was like ”spilling lava into an entire ancient township and turning everyone and everything into stone’. 

‘Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic. But that’s how I felt the day my milk came in, and I woke up feeling like I just came home from a Spring Break Wet T-shirt contest,’ she said.


Your nipples also undergo changes, becoming ‘the size of a planet’.

Oh, and she says to forget your hot coffee as you will never get to drink it in time.