An American man has tweeted about killing his roommates just an hour before he allegedly shot and killed one of them.

Zachary Penton, from Arizona, used Twitter to complain about his housemates on the weekend saying “I need to move out of my place before I viciously murder my roommates,” was posted to the social media site on August 20.

Just a day later, Arizona police were called to the residence and Penton had shot and killed his housemate Daniel Garofalo.

Reports say that an argument had lead to Penton shooting and allegedly killing his housemate Daniel Garofalo.

The tweet is still on Penton’s Twitter page and has now been retweeted well over 24,000 times.

It doesn’t stop there, however, with previous tweets showing Penton’s desire to buy a guy including ‘’“I wanna go shoot man… I need to go buy a gun.’’


Another tweet isn’t too dissimilar from the one the day before he allegedly killed, saying ‘’srs let’s go kill someone’’.

Earlier tweets show that the initial frustration boiled over from his drunken roommates arguing over being stung by a bee but it was then continually followed by tweets saying that he needed a new roommate.

A woman who is a friend of Penton has taken to social media to blast those tweets being related to murder and saying they were just a ‘tantrum’.

“Zac Penton has been a good friend of mine for years. No one should be defending him, he likely snapped and made a horrible, irreversible decision,” wrote Kat, who has since made her profile private.


“It truly, truly disgusts me that social media has become a massive platform for humiliation and defamation in cases like this,” she continued.

“You don’t know what his roommates from Craigslist were like, if they were on drugs, if they threatened a knife or even another gun, ANYTHING could have happened and yet you’re shaming him for point blank murder.”

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