A 20-year-old man is happy to announce he is pregnant.

Hayden Cross, who was born as a girl, has been living as a man for three years but has put his transition on hold to have a baby.

He is legally male and has begun hormone treatment but decided to have a child now rather than delay his transition.

The dad-to-be is now four months pregnant after finding a sperm donor on Facebook.

He approached the UK’s National Health Service to see if his eggs could be frozen before completing his gender change but was refused.

Once he has given birth, he will fully transition by having his breasts and ovaries removed.

The expectant father told the UK’s Sun Newspaper he is looking forward to becoming a father but is struggling with some of the physical changes.


‘I was happy, but I also knew it would be backtracking on my transition,’ he said.

‘It is a very female thing to carry a baby, and it goes against everything I feel in my body. ‘I wanted the kid now so that I can have the transition before I get old.’

It isn’t the first time a male has become pregnant, in 2008, American Thomas Beatie became the first man in the world to announce he was pregnant.

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