I know deep down that Facebook knows more about my life than even I do.

I realise the social media giant is collecting information about my spending habits online and is then using this information to hit me with specific ads.

I am fully aware that my relationship with Facebook is verging on the unhealthy side of obsessive, but I also know I’m not alone in spending as much time as I do on the site every day, obsessively scrolling through my newsfeed, crying at videos of dogs being reunited with their owners.

Over the years I, along with millions of others, have put up with some of the more unpopular changes Facebook has thrown our way.

Remember when you could message individuals and groups directly from the app?

Well this is the issue that’s pissed people off again today. When Facebook removed messaging from its app, forcing people to install a separate messaging app, users were NOT happy.


Many people decided this was one step too far in terms of Facebook dictating how users could communicate with each other and so they uninstalled the app completely from their phones and have been using Facebook’s mobile site via their browsers.

Now Facebook have cracked down on this move by removing the messaging facility from its mobile web app, again forcing users to install both the Facebook app and the Messaging app.

And people are pissed, with many claiming its a move aimed at eventually monetising the messenger facility, while others are complaining that it uses up far too much storage.


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