Victoria will remain in stage 3 lockdown with no further easing of measures until at least Monday.

It comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Australia was moving to re-open the economy as soon as possible, with a three-step plan to return to normal-ish life by July.

Daniel Andrews said, post-national cabinet, “nothing changes today, nothing changes tomorrow, nothing changes Sunday”.

“The rules remain in place. And I just reiterate – these are the rules, and the strong compliance we’ve seen from Victorians, for which I’m very grateful, that’s what’s delivered these numbers.’’

“Let’s not give everything back, let’s not throw away all the progress we’ve made by letting our frustration get the better of us.

“On Monday, and indeed throughout next week, I will have a series of announcements to make about changes to the rules. Those rules – that will not be all the rules going, and it won’t necessarily be that the moment I announce something a change happens right then.


“The key point here is that, even at the end of next week, even at the end of May, there will still be rules in place. And they’re there for a good reason. They’re not there for me. They’re there for your safety.”

What that means for Victorians is there are still only four reasons to leave your house:

  • shopping for what you need – food and essential supplies
  • medical, care or compassionate needs
  • exercise in compliance with the public gathering requirements
  • work and study if you can’t work or learn remotely

Gatherings are restricted to no more than 2 people except for members of your household and for work or education purposes.

If a Victorian is found to be breaching the rules, they could be fined over $1,600.