For many people, the search for the perfect partner is an ongoing journey.

From constant Tinder swiping, to scouring bars, to giving up altogether, it can seem like throwing in the towel is a much easier option sometimes.

The problem is a pretty simple one: people worth spending forever with ARE out there, it’s just hard to find the ones who want the same things as you. Someone who is TOTALLY compatible.

That’s why this party, The Thinkergirls Singles Party, is the one you want to be at if you’re finally ready for the search, and all the bullsh*t that comes with the search, to end.

All you need to do is fill out – I’ll be honest – a really long (and kind of annoying) 45-minute questionnaire. The reason it’s worth it though, will shock you.

Because once you do this (maybe with another single friend, too?) you come along to the party and meet other people who are OVER IT, the search that is. You’ll be introduced to people who have the same values as you are are looking for the same things in a partner.

You’ll be someone’s perfect match!


They’ll also be putting on one HECK of a party at Lot 1 in Sydney, where DJ Trey will be mixing up the beats, you’ll enjoy a HEAP of free food and booze, and mingle with 100 like-minded singles.

So, are you free on May 13?

Fill in the questionnaire and THANK US later.

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