The iconic Daisey Hotel looks likely to be knocked down for a new retirement village in Ringwood East. 

Daisey’s has been in operation since 1877, but New Zealand’s Ryman Healthcare has bought the 2.2ha where it stands. 

Though the company has not confirmed the complex is in the crosshairs of a wrecking ball, it doesn’t look good. 

“Our plans to build a retirement village still need to go through the permitting process with the council, and this will include discussions about the merits of the buildings on site,” Ryman Senior Development Manager James Weight said.

“Our next step will be to work on a design that will best complement the site, then hold open days for the community to come in, look at them and give us their feedback directly.

“We’ll take that on board then submit the plans to the council for development approval.”

Maroondah Mayor Rob Steane confirmed the pub and the gardening business were not protected by a heritage overlay. 


The current owners have not made a comment.