It’s hard to imagine the sheer amount of pressure Olympic athletes must feel before competing.

So how good is it to see them actually having fun at the same time?

Usain Bolt kicked proceedings off with that cheeky-as grin as he practically strolled over the finish line, and now the Chinese gymnasts are getting in on the action, too.

In what could very well be our favourite moment from Rio 2016, two members of the male team grabbed hold of a third teammate by his arms and legs, swinging him up and around like a human skipping rope.

And who can resist a skipping rope?

Enter a fourth Chinese gymnast, who went all Miss Mary Mack on us and jumped over his tiny teammate like it was no big deal at all.


The hilarious skit was part of the traditional gymnastics gala, which quietly takes place after most of the public’s attention has shifted to other events.

Teams from around the world use their intensely honed skills in a more light-hearted way, performing skits and tricks as a way to wind down and celebrate their participation in the Games.

Do you reckon they can Double Dutch, too? Now THAT would be impressive.