When Gail Turley purchased the Cry Baby Lea doll for her daughter’s Christmas present, the last thing she was expecting to hear was this!

After turning the toy on, Gail discovered that it’s promised cry sounded more like… well sex noises.

Taking to Facebook, the UK mum shared a video of the doll, writing: “OMG sorry but my mind has got carried away”.

And she’s not alone!


One of her friends responded that after watching the video she was accused of watching something else entirely.

“I’m not being funny I clicked it and my grandmother though I was watching porn.”

Others couldn’t stop laughing and it’s easy to understand why!

Talking to Kidspot, Gail said she wasn’t sure if she should still give her 2-year-old daughter the toy.

“We have laughed about the doll we just can’t get over it,” she said.


“But I am concerned that my daughter will copy the sound and take it to her playgroup.”

We would be too!

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