It may be one the hardest decisions you can make when giving birth, the name of your child.

And it doesn’t help when people decide they hate it.

That is exactly what happened for one couple when internet users decided they hate the name Felicia.

Mothers on the site Mumsnet did not hold back, especially after the poster said that ‘“My husband and I like the name Felicia. But we would pronounce it ‘Fuh-liss-ee-a’ rather than like ‘Feleesha.’’

Which is their own right, right?

Well, not according to people on the website, with one saying ‘’Don’t give your child a name you are going to deliberately mispronounce.”

Another added, “Don’t do it. People will mispronounce her name for all her life. Either use the common pronunciation or give her a different name.”


And another chipped in for fun, saying “I’d hate you for it. You can’t go using a name and choosing your own random pronunciation for it and not expect your child to be properly pissed off with you. There are millions of names, choose one you actually like the sound of.”

Each to their own, we say!