There are currently 21 Australian castaways left in Australian Survivor… but the show has been warned by the Melanoma Institute of Australia about some big issues.

The institute published a scathing review of the show on Monday, as they were angered at the  ‘blatantly sunburnt contestants’.

The two tribes are often seen stopped down in their bathing gear as they compete activities and challenges but Melanoma Institute Australia CEO Carole Renouf said ‘Surely TV executives have a responsibility to safeguard contestants from harm during the filming of what ultimately is a game. They wouldn’t ask contestants to perform death defying stunts without full safety equipment and harnesses. So what about the very real and potentially deadly health risk that comes from sunburn?’

Pointing out the severity of their case, the institute went onto say ‘Melanoma is not a game, and its greatest risk factor – sunburn – has no place on a reality TV game show. It makes me frustrated. It makes me angry. But mostly it makes me sad.’

Australian Survivor airs on Channel Ten from 7.30pm Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

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