Good news for pretty much everyone…

You can now trash your phone. Well not really, but if you ‘accidently’ happen to, there’s an apparent upside.

A new study from the Columbia Business School has found that you’re more likely to ‘accidently’ destroy your phone when you’re due for an upgrade.

It’s called the ‘upgrade effect.’ Sounds legit enough, right?

Researchers have determined that people are subconsciously more careless when a newer version of their device is coming.

“Carelessness and neglect toward currently owned products stem from a desire to justify the attainment of upgrades without appearing wasteful,” the study says.

The research found the number of lost phones increased close to each Apple announcement of a newer model.


Hello, iPhone7!

The number of lost phones then declined again until the next release.

Coincidence, much? We think not…

Source: Cosmopolitan

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