Wall Street Journal have reported that companies such as Red Robin and HBO have hired self-anointed ‘Millennial advisors’ at a cost of around $20,000 an hour. 

The purpose of the job is to help companies better understand the needs of Millennials in the workplace and learn about what keeps the generation happy in the office. 

Some companies deem their services so invaluable they are paying even MORE than $20,000 an hour! 

Lindsay Pollack, a 41-year-old Gen Xer who is a ‘millennial advisor’ herself, said “there is somewhat of a disconnect between young people, their hopes, goals and expectations and what companies think young people want.” 

Some of the feedback she gives the companies that hire her include: 

  1. Millennials want their work to be ‘meaningful’ 
  2. They ‘crave’ feedback constantly 
  3. They hate voicemails 

The demand for this kind of service is growing rapidly, with more than 400 people popping up on LinkedIn when you search ‘Millennial consultant’ online. 


Their job descriptions include ‘consultant on generational change and generational differences’, ‘consultant for millennial negotiations’ and ‘general manager and millennial expert’. 

I could do that… right? 

Jessica Kriegel is also a Millennial expert, hired by Oracle to train those ‘higher-up’ on how to communicate with their younger employees. 

Her advice? Providing free food and movie outings during workday afternoons have kept young employees happier than they’d been in the past. 


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