There have been reports that Simon and Alene from Married At First Sight are having kids and buy a house together but..

It’s pretty much the same since the show finished.

The couple have revealed they are still ver much together and manage their time week-to-week as they navigate a long-distance relationship.

Simon told the Queensland Times “I said all along to Alene that this is not reality (the show). Now is the reality, where we are working hard, doing what we have to do and each night chatting to each other online,” he said.

“We are still taking turns to visit between Ipswich and Sydney, and taking things at our pace.

“We’re just trying to live our lives like everyone else. I get up; I’m working hard on my business while doing a second job to pay the bills.”

“I appeared on a TV show for a couple of weeks that’s all. Mind you, in saying that I look very hypocritical about being a celebrity as I’m off to New Zealand soon to take part in Celebrity Family Feud against a team from the Kiwi version of The Bachelor!,” Simon laughed.


Well, that is the news we needed to perk up our week!

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