Facebook is taking more cues from Snapchat.

The social network is testing Snapchat-like stories in its mobile app in Ireland, and has plans to bring the format to additional countries in the coming months.

The new format, which went live in Facebook’s mobile app in Ireland this month, allows users to share photos and more as part of their personal stories with their friends and followers.

Media shared via these stories disappears after 24 hours, and won’t be posted to a user’s regular news feed.

Stories are being displayed on top of the news feed, much in the same way Instagram integrated the Stories format last August.

At the time, Instagram’s head of product Kevin Weil readily admitted in a conversation with Variety that the format was heavily inspired by Snapchat, but also said that he would expect it to be adopted by other apps in the future.


“Stories is going to be a format that a lot of experiences are going to adopt over time,” he said.

It’s no surprise that Facebook would follow Instagram in copying Snapchat, especially given the success that Instagram has seen with the format: Facebook said in November that more than 100 million of Instagram’s users look at Stories every single day.

What’s more, Instagram has already demonstrated that you can turn these eyeballs into ad dollars. Instagram began to test full-screen ads between individual stories with inventory from 30 advertisers including Netflix, AirBnB, Nike and GM.


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