Lead singer Victor Willis “The Cop,” who is no longer with the group, won a 2012 ruling that he was the co-writer with producer Jacques Morali. But the songs’ publisher now contends that Morali’s friend, the French producer Henri Belolo, also had a hand in their creation before they ever reached North America.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Willis’ ex-wife Phylicia Rashad (Cosby Show’s Clair Huxtable) is on the witness list. She’s expected to say Willis wrote many of the songs at their home and they were never adapted from a previously existing French song.

The defense will counter with another original member, Felipe Rose “The Indian,” who is expected to back the claim by Belolo and the publishing company. Willis and his current wife will contest that by citing Rose’s prior interviews, where he never previously named Belolo as a co-writer.

Jaques Morali, who might know best who or who didn’t co-write the music, passed away in 1991.


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