Are you a P plater? Do you have a good driving record? Well, we’ve got some good news for you!

Victoria’s Free Licence Scheme rewards young drivers who maintain a good driving record while on their Ps.

Young Victorian drivers (under 25 years old) with no traffic-related offences could be eligible for a free 3 year driver licence – usually costing around $76.

The $7 million Free Licence Scheme is one part of the $146 million Young Driver Safety Package which aims to improve the safety of this vulnerable road user group.

Other elements of the package aim to give support, education and experience via a road safety education complex, practical safe driving program, L2P – learner driver mentor program, community grants, a communication fund and student forums.

You’re eligible if you…
– Got your P1 licence before you turned 21.
– You’ll be under 25 when your probationary licence expires.
– You’ve had a Victorian probationary licence for four years.
– You don’t have any demerit points.
– You haven’t committed any traffic-related offences. 

If you’re eligible for a free licence, VicRoads will send you a free three year licence renewal notice in the mail.

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