We’ve all done it. 

Food has dropped to the floor and you’ve picked it back up, stuffed it into your mouth, chewed it then hoped for the best.

It feels fine doesn’t it? 

Well it’s not.

Food scientist Dr.Paul Dawson decided to test how much bacteria is transferred in five seconds compared to a long period of time.

He contaminated kitchen tiles, carpet and wood with Salmonella. Just five minutes after that, he placed food for the service for five, 30 or 60 seconds.

The results showered that it all depends on the amount of bacteria that is actually on the floor, not the amount of time it was on the same floor.


The actual surface is the major player here and if you don’t have carpet, you are screwed.

Dr. Dawson said ”Carpets, for instance, seem to be slightly better places to drop your food than wood or tile. When carpet was inoculated with salmonella, less than 1% of the bacteria were transferred. But when the food was in contact with tile or wood, 48-70% of bacteria transferred.”

Yeah nah, thanks Paul.

I’ll just deal with my losses from now on.


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