Alicia Hammond, who is starring as Brigitta in The Sound of Music at the Festival Centre, has donated her opening night wages in a touching tribute to her late best friend.

Four months ago, Caitlin Hamilton, 10, was tragically killed in a car accident, along with her five-year-old sister Willow and grandparents Greg and Rosemary Galatis.

Caitlin and Alicia, who attended Pelican Production musicals and workshops together, were both preparing to tryout for the role of Brigitta; sadly, Caitlin passed away just two days before the audition.

But Alicia was determined to honour her late friend’s memory, and dedicated her opening night performance to the girl who would “glow when she smiled”.

“We were both so excited and wished each other the best of luck,” the 10-year-old Paradise resident said. “It would have been awesome to share the role with her, but it did not happen.

“I kept on saying to my mum at the auditions that I had to do well for Caitlin, I just had to, because she wanted to audition for the role too.”

And now Alicia’s donation – which she thought was more important than the boots she was originally going to buy – has prompted the rest of the cast, as well as the Adelaide Youth Theatre, to put money towards the memorial sculpture.


The commemorative piece of art, which has been designed by sculptor Gerry McMahon and Caitlin’s mother, Leanne Hamilton-Kinnear, will be a 9 sq m copper-and-steel tree, with leaves that can be engraved with messages of love and remembrance to the young sisters and their grandparents.

Ms Hamilton-Kinnear said that she was touched by Alicia’s sweet tribute.

“I think it is great her friend has this amazing role, but is still thinking of her,” she said.

“The things that children at… Pelican Productions have wanted to do in honour of Caitlin has just been amazing, overwhelming and touching all at the same time.”

Anyone who wishes to make a donation towards the monument can do so at


Image courtesy Pelican Productions.