It’s officially December so it’s now socially acceptable to start bingeing on Christmas movies!

Here are our faves:

5. Home Alone (1990)

No list would be complete without a nod to arguably the most iconic Christmas movie of its generation – Home Alone.

The Mcallister family, led by their outrageously rich and borderline-negligent parents accidentally leave Kevin (Macaulay Calkin) behind on their family trip to Paris.

While initially loving his newfound freedom, Kevin soon goes head-to-head with two of the great comedy villains of all time, Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern).

It’s the film that turned Macaulay Calkin into a household name, and one that you can watch as a kid or an adult and still get a kick out of every time.


4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Tim Burton’s Christmas flick is a wonderfully dark and whimsical masterpiece.

A stop-motion animated musical, The Nightmare Before Christmas was as groundbreaking as it was genius – becoming the first-ever animated film to be nominated for Best Visual Effects at the Academy Awards.

Based on a poem Burton wrote in 1982, it follows Jack Skellington (‘The Pumpkin King’) after he opens a portal to Christmas town and spread the Christmas traditions to Halloween Town.


3. Die Hard (1988)

John McClane might just be the most badass movie character of all time, so we had to find a spot for him on this list.

Every bloke’s favourite Christmas flick, Die Hard’s an action thriller that sees NYPD officer John McClane (played by the one and only Bruce Willis) who’s caught in a skyscraper during a heist on Christmas Eve.

Bruce Willis gives the performance of a lifetime and it’s gone down in history, not just as one of the best Christmas movies ever made, but one of the best movies ever made.

2. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)


Frank Capra’s 1946 Christmas fantasy drama flick has become one of the most beloved films of its generation.

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, it curiously didn’t perform particularly well at the box office but has evolved into a classic.

Based on the booklet ‘The Greatest Gift’, which Philip Van Doren Stern tells the story of George Bailey (James Stewart) who is contemplating suicide before the intervention of a guardian angel (Henry Travers).

It’s utterly heartwarming and one that has stood the test of time.



1. Elf (2003)

Elf has it all.

As the great Roger Ebert said, it’s “one of those rare Christmas comedies that has a heart, a brain and a wicked sense of humor, and it charms the socks right off the mantelpiece.”

It’s the Christmas story of Buddy, a human adopted by Santa’s elves who goes to find his biological father in New York City

Will Ferrell puts on an all-time comic performance – especially given all of his jokes have to fit into the PG15+ category.

The film was so successful it got its own Broadway musical, and it doesn’t matter how many times you watch it – it’s always hilarious.


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