This is something that women around the world should sit up and take notice of.

Hair salon clients are apparently having strokes at washing basins when they visit beauty salons.

The issue was brought to light by Elizabeth Smith who had a stroke back in 2014, following a visit to a salon.

Buzzfeed revealed that a CT scan showed an artery in Elizabeth’s neck had been damaged and as a result she suffered a stoke.

Elizabeth began to notice a weakness in her left arm and leg eight days after leaving the salon, which was soon followed by nausea and vomiting.

She was rushed to hospital and has made a recovery after a long stint of rehabilitation.

And Elizabeth isn’t alone, this is known as Beauty Parlour Stroke and it’s believed to be caused when a small tear in the lining of the arteries occurs between the back of the neck and up to the base of the brain.


Hairdressers are trained to watch out for warming signs but clients should also stay vigilant and be aware of the danger signs experienced by Elizabeth.

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