First airing in 1976 The Sullivans dealt with the lives of a family set during World War II and featured one of the most memorable theme songs in Aussie TV composed by Geoff Harvey.

The show starred Paul Cronin as Dave Sullivan and Lorraine Bayley as his wife Grace who along with their three children played by Andrew McFarlane, Steven Tandy and Susan Hannaford dealt with life during the war.

It was must see TV during it’s run and picked up a stack of Logies, however the show’s popularity started to wane once Lorraine Bayley left, causing a nation to mourn a fictional character’s death when the much loved Grace was killed off in a London bombing.

And one other notable fact about the show, it was also the very first TV role for a young Kylie Minogue, complete with dodgy ‘European’ accent!


As stars Michael Caton and Lorraine Bailey recently explained, the show had a lasting impact on the country that lasts to this day.

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