If you’re a fan of the movie, ‘Pretty Woman’ featuring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, you may not always have been.

According to a report on news.com.au, Diane Lane auditioned for Julia Roberts’ part in the flick, and has revealed that the original script was actually much darker, and depicted a psychotic hooker – and definitely no fairytale ending.

Lane told James Cordon’s The Late Late Show that she was asked to audition for the part of hooker, Vivian Ward when the movie was originally called ‘3000’ and was definitely NOT a rom-com.

“It was called ‘3000’ — her fee for the weekend,” she says.

She has revealed that competition was fierce for the role, which eventually went to then little-known-actress Julia Roberts, after people realised the chemistry between Roberts and Gere.


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“It seemed to me that every girl in Hollywood was crawling around in her underwear at that point in time — our best lingerie, let’s be clear — to get this film,” she said.

“Because at that time, it was a story about this psychotic call girl who had a delusion of grandeur.”

“At the end of the film, she gets kicked out of a rolling limousine and into the street,” she said.

JF Lawton was the original screenwriter of 3000 which originally ended with Vivian and her hooker BFF Kit (Laura San Giacomo) on a bus bound for Disneyland with the money she earned from her weekend.

“My vision was a combination of fairytales. Julia was Rapunzel, Richard was Prince Charming and Hector [Elizondo] was the fairy godmother.


It didn’t seem like a vision everybody would have, but I did.” he told Vanity Fair.

They had also auditioned Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer for the lead roles.


Source: news.com.au

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