It is our absolute pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Gold 104.3 on-air team, Peter Logan. 

Despite being a much-loved host on Highlands FM in the Macedon Ranges, the father-of-four’s path to radio fame isn’t your typical one.

In an email to Christian, he revealed he was in the palliative stage of bowel cancer and wanted some help ticking off one of his bucket-list items: to host a commercial radio show. 

After discovering what a tremendous bloke he was, and his incredible attitude to life, Christian leapt at the opportunity to make that dream a reality. 


Since being diagnosed in December 2016, Peter’s made it his mission to spread the word about early detection and to not take any of life’s fleeting, precious moments for granted.

So from 8am-9am, Gold 104.3 is honoured to announce it will be airing THE PETER LOGAN BREAKFAST SHOW WITH CHRISTIAN O’CONNELL



“My story is simple – had I done what I should have done and completed the screening test provided by the Government at 50, I would almost certainly not be in the position I am in.

Through my community radio programs, I have championed the cause for people to take these health screening tests.

The ‘it won’t happen to me”, there’s nothing wrong with me, I feel fine’, or the simple stigma that the test involves “poo” is the most common and incorrect approach that people have towards this disease.

The statistics are damning: over 15,000 Australians will be diagnosed every year and 1 in 3  will die. The split is almost 50/50 men and women and it also isn’t necessarily something that runs in the family. 

The most bizarre statistic is that 98% of cases that are diagnosed in the early stages are successfully treated.


This is why it is SO IMPORTANT TO DO THE SCREENING TEST and identify early whether this disease is present.”


Bowel Cancer Australia recommends a faecal immunochemical test (FIT) every two years from age 50, and starting that 5 years earlier if a relative had the disease. 

You can order a test online, by calling 1800 555 494 or taking the free test supplied by the Australian Government to eligible 50-year-olds

Find out more about by heading over to Bowel Cancer Australia’s website or make a donation here

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