Not going to lie, we’re still not over the trauma of watching The Ring as young, impressionable teenagers and being afraid to go near our collection of VHS tapes.

But the newest trailer for the cult horror flick’s follow-up, Rings, is straight-up the creepiest, stomach-churning thing we’ve seen in a while – and we watch a lot of pimple-popping videos

This film reportedly takes place 13 years after the first American version took the world by storm, and now we have the power of the internet to really send that Samara-centric video viral.

Even though the newest clip is only a minute long, it has more skin-peeling and hair-ball hacking to last us a lifetime, thank you very much.

If, however, this kind of thing is up your alley, you’ll be happy to hear that the movie is expected to drop in early February – just in time for Valentine’s Day!


P.S. We’re recommending a lights-on approach to watching this one.

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