According to NW Magazine, the former virgin Matthew and his wife from the show Lauren are pregnant with their first child.

The publication even quoted an interview with Queensland based videographer Matt, saying that he couldn’t be more excited for this journey into fatherhood.

“An article has just come out in New Weekly that says that Matt the virgin from Married At First Sight and his partner Lauren are having a baby,” Jackie revealed during her O News.

“On the picture, he’s got his arms wrapped around her tummy, he’s sort of standing from behind…and they’ve quote Matt as saying, ‘This is way beyond anything that I could’ve expected or hoped for. I feel like being a dad is the opportunity to help build someone better than me’.”

But it seems like there might be trouble in paradise for this MAFS golden couple.

An executive producer on the Kyle and Jackie O Show revealed that they’ve apparently been banned from talking to each other.

“Guys, here’s some inside goss. We’ve been told that Lauren and Matt are not allowed to talk to each other,” she revealed. “They’ve been separated.”


“Apparently they’ve had no contact. They’re not allowed to have contact with each other,” Palestine continued. “I don’t know if it’s Nine [that’s enforcing this] but something weird is happening.

“They used the word ‘banned’,” she concluded.

While there are PLENTY of rumours swirling around for MAFS, the couple’s silence means that they won’t stop any time soon.

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