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Planning a holiday but looking for something different? Let us introduce you to what could possibly be the world’s kinkiest cruise.

Whether you’re free-spirited, adventurist, exhibitionist or just a down-right perve, this is the cruise for you.

A Mexican cruise company by the name of Original Group operate what’s known as the ‘Desire Cruise‘, and they have two clothing optional, sure-to-be orgy filled cruises scheduled right now. The destinations you ask? Don’t lie, we know you don’t even care.

The introduction on their website uses a lot of words like sensuality, eroticism, pleasure, fantasies, intimacy, seduction, provocative and ecstasy. Well we have just one word… SOLD!

If you’re still reading and you actually DO care about the locations, they won’t disappoint. One cruise currently scheduled is operating to and from Venice, on a boat aptly named ‘Venice Foreplay’, the other which is planned for April 2018 is from Barcelona to Rome.

Care to watch a video rather than listen to us babble on about it? Watch below..


Like to know more? You can find all the details your heart desires, here.

Sun’s out bums out!