Wayne and Garth are one of the most loved comedy duos of all time. 

Set in stone as 90’s icons, comedians Mike Myers and Dana Carvey have been revealed to have had a rocky relationship behind the scenes.

The rock-loving slackers Wayne and Garth’s success began on Saturday Night Live before being made into two successful Wayne’s World films.

According to news.com.au, Dana Carvey admitted to Howard Stern that he and Myers had never even planned on becoming a duo, so found the relationship difficult at times. 

“We were never meant to be a comedy team, Mike just invited me into the [Wayne’s World] sketch. I’m grateful that he did,” he said.

When the pair’s Saturday Night Live sketches became cult hits, Myers started working on a big screen outing for them — but it was rumoured he tried to prevent Carvey from appearing in the film for fear he might be upstaged.

The pair did finally bury the hatchet, appearing together at a Wayne’s World reunion panel in 2013 — some 21 years after the original film’s release.