By Ryan Atkins

Have you ever wondered how Margot Robbie likes her eggs?

If you said ‘yes’… you have waaay too much free time.

ANYWAY, we finally have the answer: splattered on the cars of her ex-boyfriends.

YUP! Margot explained to Entertainment Tonight that she “has a wonderful group of girlfriends back in Australia”, who all rally together “anytime a dude breaks up with a girl in the group” to “go and egg his car”.

Although now happily married to filmmaker Tom Ackerley, the 29-year-old Oscar nominee can still recall a time when she had to swiftly stop her squad from carrying out the revenge ritual:

“One time I broke up with a boyfriend, and they were like, ‘How dare he! We’re going to go egg him!’” And I was like, ‘No, don’t! I broke up with him. He’s a really nice person. Please don’t egg his car!’”


The Gold Coast girl spilled the news during a London press junket for the newly released, female ensemble action flick ‘Birds of Prey’.

In the film, Margot reprises her role as the badass Harley Quinn who is dealing with a split from her ex, the notorious Joker.

Margot admitted that she hadn’t “blown up a chemical plant or bought a hyena” as post-breakup remedy (like the anti-hero she portrays on screen), but she did mention that an egg is “a pain to get off”.

So… for those recently single, cheated and wronged – you could always pick up a cheeky dozen on the way to the cinemas.

‘Birds of Prey’, (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)’ is officially out in cinemas TODAY!


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