If you’re a ‘Grease’ fan, no doubt you’ve watch the flick several time over the last 30-odd years. However, after hearing this ‘outlandish’ fan theory that proposes Sandy from Grease was actually dead throughout the entire movie.

The Sun reports a theory shared on Reddit that the movie is actually far darker than you might have realised, and you’ll probably feel a bit sick when you find out why.

Morbid movie fans claim that Sandy, played by Olivia Newton-John, was dead, or dying, for the duration of the film, having drowned at the very start.

According to the theory, the backstory of Sandy and Danny’s relationship sets the scene for her death — which is actually mentioned in the song Summer Nights.


Danny, played by John Travolta, sings that he “saved her life” after “she nearly drowned” at the beach, but this theory claims that she did actually drown, meaning that the entire film is her dying dream as she travels to heaven.

The scenes in the film then get more and more dreamlike as it goes on, which are supposed to represent Sandy’s final moments as she slips away closer to death.

And the song Look at me I’m Sandra Dee also contains a clue to reinforce the theory, since the last line, “Goodbye to Sandra Dee,” forewarns that she’s about to die.

The film’s dreamlike ending, which sees the couple literally drive off into the sky, is taken as further evidence that Sandy is dead and on her way to heaven.

Another fan theory is even STRANGER.

A man named Doug Stillman replied to the post; “Danny tried to save a beautiful stranger from drowning but lost his own life as well in the process.


“As he loses consciousness he imagines what it would have been like to have gotten to know Sandy.

“He could have even came up with the name Sandy because he only could associate her with the beach. He instead envisions what his life would have been like if he had rescued her.

“Maybe he would end his relationship with Rizzo when this wholesome girl shows up in his hometown. He could build his dream car, out race his rival, and complete high school.

“He realises that he would have fallen in love for this girl that he gave his life to try and save and at the graduation festival he envisions her just as he would have wanted her to be.

“As they both ascend in the car the rest of his friends sing ‘We will always be together’.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

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