This is so awkward it makes us cringe.

A weather presenter on American TV was forced to put on a sweater over the weekend when live on air.

KTLA presenter Liberte Change looked confused as her co-host dangled a sweater towards her saying ”What’s going on? You want me to put this on? Why? Cause it’s cold?”

Someone off camera responds by saying ”We’re getting a lot of emails”.

Chan, still unaware of what was fully going on then says ”I like like a librarian now”.

The clip was posted to her own Facebook comments, where people disagreed with the call of putting on a sweater.


After the incident, Chan was involved in a Facebook Live video where anchor Chris Burrous read through some of the emails the station were sent about the dress.

One person complained about the sweater but also said that handing it to her on live TV was in ”poor taste.”

Chan apologizes for the incident but also cleared up that it was a back up dress as her original attire ”just didn’t work.”


The funniest part? The anchor was wearing shorts the whole time but that was masked by the desk he was sitting at.. so nobody complained.