The latest season of The Bachelorette with Ali Oetjen had one of the lowest ratings in the franchise’s history, which may force Channel Ten to put the show to rest.

After four seasons, an industry source has revealed that ‘The Bachelorette’ will not be returning for 2019. 

“Audiences became fatigued by the show after Ali’s season,” an insider told Now To Love, claiming that the show’s launch – which was released shortly after The Bachelor finale – didn’t help. 

“There was already outrage following Honey Badger [Nick Cummins] and his decision to dump both girls in the finale – that, in addition to the backlash surrounding Ali’s appointment, was a recipe for disaster,” they told the publication. 

However, others suggest that the reality show is simply taking a year off to lure back viewers. 


Public interest towards Ali Oetjen slumped after her former boyfriend, ‘Bachelor In Paradise’s’ Grant Kemp, accused her of cheating on him on a staircase.

Another factor for the low ratings came after viewers constantly compared to Oetjen to previous Bachelorette stars such as Sam Frost, Georgia Love, and Sophie Monk (whose season broke records).

Betting company Sportsbet have also opened betting that the show will not be returning. 

Now To Love report that viewers are turning off the show, setting the odds at $3.50. 


“More people are watching random people trying to win The Chase than The Bachelorette, which shows viewers are just not interested in who Ali catches,” a Sportsbet’s representative told the publication.

“Unfortunately the writing is on the wall judging from the odds and the axe looks ready to be swung.”

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