Michael Phelps has had a BIG couple of weeks in Rio, and with a rumour that he’s hanging up the swimming hat for good in order to spend more time with his partner and new son, he’s more sought after than ever.

So when a reporter thought he’d score the ultimate interview by catching Phelps on his way home from the Games, he certainly got a rude awakening.

Instead of a few words, reporter Marc Liverman got one of the most awkward responses ever, causing a cringeworthy moment for both Liverman and his anchors back at the station.

Liverman told DailyMail.com he respects Phelps’ reasoning and understands he had just traveled a long way from Rio, but was surprised he didn’t stop and take at least one or two questions from media gathered inside the airport terminal. Liverman and his cameraman tried to catch up to Phelps, and asked the swimmer how it felt to be back home.

Phelps, clearly not interested in stopping, told the reporter ‘It feels good to be home’ as he continued to walk away. What’s the first thing you’re going to do?’ the reporter asked.

Phelps responded: ‘I’m not answering any questions, guys. If you could give me that space while I’m trying to get my family home and safe I would appreciate that.’


With viewers watching at home, Phelps told the reporter to contact his agent to schedule an interview, as his partner walked ahead of him with their son.

‘I appreciate you guys coming, but I’m trying to get my family home safe and that’s what matters the most,’ he said. ‘Thank you for understanding.’

Source: Daily Mail