Internet users were left scratching their heads over the riddle about these two twins.

The first twin, Samuel Peterson was born at 1:39am on Sunday November 6 and his brother Ronan came along 31 minutes later at 2:10am.

That makes Samuel the oldest, right?


At 2am that morning, Daylight Savings Time ended for the year, which made Ronan’s time of birth 1:10am, and officially younger than his brother.

The brainteaser was posted on Facebook by Cape Cod healthcare in West Barnstable, Massachusetts.

The post attracted heaps of attention with nearly 1500 reactions with many commenting on the amazing conundrum,


Adam Thurmond wrote: “Congrats to giving birth to time travellers”, while Alyson Lucey joked: “They are going to fight forever about who is older.”

Deb Totten, a maternity nurse at the Cape Cod Hospital where the twins were born, said: “It’s the first time I have ever seen this in over 40 years of nursing.”

Samuel and Ronan have since joined their big sister Aubrey, two, at home.