Nerves can get the best of you at the worst possible time.

And that is exactly what happened to this Melbourne woman when she was stopped by 7 News Melbourne reporter Michael Scanlan.

Scanlan was reporting on how-how exercising twice a week had almost identical health benefits as exercising every day.

As is usual with all news stories, you want people to emphasise the point, out and about on the streets and that exactly what 7 News did on the Tan yesterday.

When a woman was asked what her name was she said ‘“Erica O’Donnell,” the woman replies.

“And can you spell first and last?” Scanlan asks.

“F-I-R-S-T, L-A-S-T,” Ms O’Donnell replies.


Scanlan then began to laugh and said: “I meant your first and last name.”

The reporter has since shared the video on Twitter @MScanlan7 where it has received more than 2000 likes.

“You know, in a decade no one has ever done that,” Scanlan said.



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