For a long time, different reports have linked widowed Terri Irwin to different men, including Russell Crowe, I think in the hopes that she would be able to find someone to love.

However, 10 years since Steve passed away from a stingray attack at 2006, Terri has spoken out about her love life, without Steve.

‘I haven’t been on a single date since Steve died,’ she told The Australian Women’s Weekly, as they discussed life for the Irwin matriarch, a decade after her husband’s tragic death.

The 52-year-old revealed that it wasn’t because she felt it was wrong to marry again, but that she’s simply loving her life with her two children, Bindi and Robert – and she just hasn’t been looking.

Terri and Steve met on an educational trip to Australia in the early ‘90s and fell wildly in love. They were married just months later.

‘If I hadn’t met Steve, I probably would never have married because I wasn’t looking for love when I met him. What we had was incredible,’ she said.

Source: Daily Mail

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