If you love animals and feel like your pets are more like your fur babies, you’ll definitely be able to relate to this.

A woman in Brazil had been suffering a long battle with a terminal illness, Rebane Chili disease, and decided to finally discontinue her treatment.

However, she hadn’t seen her beloved pup, Ritchie, for months, not since being admitted to the hospital Ernesto Dornelles in Porto Alegre.

Her son James took Ritchie in to organise a final reunion and nurses and hospital staff gathered around for the final farewell.

The tear-jerking footage shows the canine overjoyed to see her again after so long.

The meeting takes place in a special room due to security reasons, after approval by the hospital’s Palliative Care Group, reports Globo.com.


Wearing an oxygen mask, the woman strokes her dog, who is painfully unaware it will be their last meeting.

Her sister said: ‘It’s all for her that dog. She loves that dog like she loves her son. Since three months she has had that puppy. She could not wait to see it, it was very exciting, despite the pain,’ reports Globo.com.

Her brother reportedly changed her clothes and put on lipstick for the reunion with Ritchie.

The video was taken in October last year, but the footage has now gone viral after it emerged on social media.

Source: Daily Mail

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