Twenty-five years ago, their self-titled debut album exploded onto the Aussie charts, and for 12 years, it remained the biggest-selling rock album by an Australian band.

Here’s what we know about the Baby Animals…

1. Lead vocalist Suze DeMarchi, of Perth, was in three bands before Baby Animals – Photoplay, the Kind and DD and the Rockmen.

2. Before Baby Animals, DeMarchi had recorded three solo pop singles with EMI in the UK. Her manager John Woodruff had once said they were some “bad Stock, Aitken and Waterman tunes”.

3. Drummer Frank Celenza was super reluctant to join the band, going so far as to recommend another musician. Only after constant needling by DeMarchi did he agree.

4. At their first gig in Sydney, the band’s name was billed as Woody’s Heroes.

5. There is no solid story to where the name ‘Baby Animals’ came from. The band change the origin of the name in different interviews, as they got bored of the question being asked over and over.


6. One of the band name origins was that Celenza suggested it after seeing an advertisement for a the TV show Wheel of Fortune, yep, the one hosted by ‘Baby’ John Burgess. Another was that the name came from a calendar in a shopping mall.

7. Bryan Adams invited Baby Animals to join his Waking Up The Neighbours tour after listening to their album in his kitchen.

8. Baby Animals performed Painless on the David Letterman Show and are accompanied by the Letterman house band, resulting in FOUR guitars being played…

9. Baby Animals toured with Van Halen to arena-size audiences after Eddie Van Halen’s wife Valerie heard their album, and suggested them.

10. Their self-titled debut album spent a total of 46 weeks in the top 50 and was certified four times platinum by ARIA. It remained the highest-selling debut Australian rock album… until Jet’s Get Born came along 12 years later.