Target has sparked a huge online debate after it included a mother wearing a hijab in its latest back-to-school catalogue.

The majority of customers have taken to social media to praise the retailer for the catalogue, which also features children with disabilities and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

“Thanks, Target,” Mary Mehwish wrote on Target’s Facebook page. “Being a mother of a special need child and being a hijabi (wearing the head scarf) this is so relatable. Keep it up.”

“Loving the diversity in the new catalogue!” Jordan Grant wrote. Cathy Taylor wrote: “Good to see people of different abilities and cultural backgrounds in the new catalogue.”

Another commentator, Sam Gillespie said she didn’t usually notice the catalogues but ‘he Target back-to-school catalogue has stopped me in my tracks”.

“Way to go, Target, breaking stereotypes and sharing images of real Aussies. Fantastic, should be just normal for us to see this in advertising I’m so impressed,” she wrote.


Target responded to the comments saying ‘We always aim to be inclusive with our advertising, whether it’s in relation to age, gender, ethnicity or people with a disability. We love the diversity which can be found in our customers and always aim to reflect this in our advertising.”

One commentator was shocked by the hijab and wondered when Target would ‘Christian woman wearing a large crucifix as we wouldn’t want Target discriminating and only promoting one religion would we?”

And user @BasimaFaysal added: “The law that requires women wear a sack on head is the one requiring gays and atheists be executed. Well done, Target.”

We love the inclusions, however.

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