First it was a best selling book before being turned into an incredible stage show that captivated audiences all over the country.

And now, Working Class Boy, the documentary telling the incredible true story of the early years of Jimmy Barnes, is about to debut on network TV.

This amazing film looks at his story long before Cold Chisel, long before Barnsey, when he was simply James Dixon Swan.

The film tells the unflinching story of Barnes’ childhood – from the slums of Glasgow to the forlorn immigrant suburbs of Australia, to the day he is asked to join a band and finds his escape and true path with Cold Chisel.

This powerful and confronting story of growing up amidst domestic violence, poverty and alcoholism, the film shows the impact on Jimmy as a child and consequences for him as a man.

Raw and compassionate, full of elegantly staged live musical performances, Working Class Boy is a compelling story of childhood survival, family, a search for love and, finally, redemption.

Don’t miss when it premieres Monday, October 1 at 8.30pm on Seven.


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