Image: YouTube

A sports reporter in the US is gaining notoriety after his banter with his news anchor got a little tense recently.

Gary Radnich of San Francisco TV station KRON 4 started giving newsreader Catherine Heenan during a live broadcast after Radnich discovered that Heenan had already covered a sports story involving basketballer LeBron James.

Radnich went all passive aggressive with comments like this:

“How long we been friends? 23 years” 

“Hard to be mad at Catherine,” said Radnich. “She’s a good friend of my moms.”  

Watch the awkwardness here.



Wow, that did NOT go well! We haven’t seen that much agro from a journalist since Anchorman.

For what it’s worth Radnich has responded to the controversy on his Facebook page claiming that he was simply ‘acting’ 


If that’s the case we wouldn’t want to get on his bad side when he’s really not happy!


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