Spider-Man is arguably one of the most iconic superheroes ever; just in the past year, we’ve had both Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: Far From Home, which as well as just being awesome movies, secured their legacy as Sony’s top-grossing animated and top-grossing live-action movies respectively.

But Peter Parker and co. could be departing the safety net of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if Sony doesn’t get their way in deals with Disney-owned Marvel. Deadline reported earlier today that Kevin Feige, and thus likely the MCU was out of the picture for future Spider-Man films, over a financing disagreement. Disney was reportedly pushing to increase their funding (and thus profit) share in the upcoming Spider-Man movies. The change would reportedly see Disney’s stake increase from 5% to 50%. This likely wouldn’t sit well with Sony, since Marvel already owns the merchandising rights to the character. After Homecoming, Far From Home and Into The Spider-Verse raked in billions of dollars, it’s no surprise they’d be tempted to stick it out on their own.

The move wouldn’t break the continuity of the previous films, meaning that Sony could stick with the existing combination of Tom Holland as Spider-Man with Director Jon Watts. That would be a step up over Sony’s previous efforts; a bizarre contract with Marvel means that Sony has to continue making movies to keep the rights to the character, which is why we’ve had so many iterations over the past two decades.


But hope is not lost yet. Hours after Deadline’s report, Variety reported that a source claimed the deal was not done yet. Kevin Feige being reported as “off the project” may actually have been on account of Disney’s concern that he is spread too thin with the enormous list of upcoming projects. The dispute over the film’s financing is still at an impasse, but hopefully we’ll still be able to see Spider-Man swinging alongside our other MCU favourites for years to come.

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